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Gay Island Guide - Your Compass To Navigating LGBTQ+ Hawaii!

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Celebrate Gay Pride in Hawaii

Having Eight Major Hawaiian Islands Provides A Unique Opportunity to Celebrate LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride in Hawaii. Gay Pride is Celebrated in Four of the Major Counties of Hawaii with FIVE LGBT Pride Celebrations including Honolulu Pride, Kona Pride on the West SIde of the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii Island Pride (Hilo), Maui and Kauai. 

Like Its Diversity of Cultures, Each LGBTQ+ Pride Celebration in Hawaii is Unique and Reflects That Particular Islands Rich History and Cultural Diversity. From A Large Gay Pride Parade and Festival For Honolulu Pride with a Metropolitan Feel to A Smaller More Intimate Gathering and Celebration on Kauai.

Visit The Different Gay Pride Hawaii Pages For Each Island Here on Gay Island Guide and Plan To Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride in Tropical Weather Rich With Love and Aloha!

Gay Pride Hawaii Celebrations

Paradise Pride (Honolulu, Oahu)

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Hawaii’s Largest Collection Of LGBTQ Pride Events and Celebration! It’s the largest Pride Celebration in the State Of Hawaii uniting all Hawaii’s major islands in Honolulu, Oahu. 

Kauai Pride

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Kauai being one of the smaller islands in land size and population provides a unique opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride with a more intimate affair which varies year to year. 

Maui Pride

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 Maui is also active with their LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride celebration with unique opportunities such as their Gay Pride hike and gala.  

Kona Pride

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Kona Pride is the newest LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride celebration in Hawaii in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The celebration and festival will bring together community, businesses and visitors on the westside of Hawaii Island.

Hawaii Island Pride

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Hawaii Island also known as the Big Island of Hawaii has the second largest LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride celebration in the State. Hawaii Island Pride takes place in June in the historical town of Hilo. Because of the sheer size of the island, other festivities are also held on the Big Island in Kona to allow opportunity to celebrate!